Small Businesses & Health Reform


Are you a small business with under 50 employees?

Are you looking for affordable health insurance options for you and your employees?

If you are a small business operating in Harris or Fort Bend county, then you and your employees may be eligible for TexHealth’s new premium assistance program.

TexHealth can help your employees pay their premiums for individual health plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Here’s how it works. For just dollars a day, you and your employees could have:

  • A large network of high-quality healthcare providers
  • Preventive care appointments covered at 100%
  • Affordable copays
  • Pharmacy benefits

Through our new premium assistance program, TexHealth assists with monthly premium payment for low-cost, high-quality health insurance plans.

After additional subsidies are applied from the Health Insurance Marketplace, this can amount to a significant savings of up to 50% or more.

Ready to get more coverage for less cost? CALL a TexHealth Representative today to learn more!